When we install skins on skis that are to be used in a track, we start by testing the wax pocket of the skis.   Taking into account the wax pocket and the technical ability of the skier, the skin is positioned in the appropriate place on the base of the ski. To house out the base of the ski, we use a high quality router with a Freud 3/4” router bit.  A ‘jig’ that is clamped down on the base of the ski acts as an accurate guide for the router.  After the base has been removed with the router, the base is well cleaned.   Using our thumbs and a small piece of Oak wood,   we press the skin into place.   We adhere the skin to the base of the ski by passing a high quality digital iron over the entire length of the ski, using an iron temperature of 120’C.

The process of removal and re-installation of skins on skis is not as easy as it may appear to be. Therefore, for people that I have installed skins on their skis I recommend that you have GNS re-install skins on your skis.