We are able to install skins on BC skis up to and including BC 80 skis. We have Montana skins that are 40, 45 and 50mm in width. We will install skins of the appropriate width and length on BC skis. The Montana skis that we use for installation on BC skis are exactly the same skins that we use for touring and performance skis. All the Montana skins that we use have a ‘special glue’. This glue is very sticky and does an excellent job of adhering the skins to the base of the ski. When removing these skins from the base of the ski, the force required to remove the skins results in the skins becoming deformed. Skins with Montana special glue cannot be re-used.

Back Country skis that are used in the mountains use clip-on skins that are attached to the skis for the climb up the mountain and removed for the downhill run. The skins are attached to the ski at the front and back of the ski. There is glue on the bottom of the skin material which allows the skin to stick to the ski. The glue used on these skis is not as sticky at the special glue used on the Montana skins. These skins can be re-used many times.