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Wakefield, Quebec
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Off  Season  Work  Schedule


GNS will be closed from March 30, ( Good Friday )  through to  Monday, April 30.

During the month of April,  with advance notice,  I am able to receive skis that are brought to me or shipped to me.

Some time in May, I will complete all the necessary work on all skis.  I will return all skis to everyone at the beginning of June, before the start of the summer holidays.  If you are planning to come to this area for at least a few days and bring with you a good sized batch of skis,  I may be able to do all the work on these skis so that you can take the skis back with you when you leave.

For the months of May, June, July, August and September,  I will be available upon request. 

I am now able to stone grind skin skis in which the skins are already installed.  For a few reasons, I actually prefer doing it this way.   If you have a pair of skin skis that you like and would like the skis to perform well, I suggest that you consider having your skin skis stone ground. 

Over the course of the winter,  I learned a great deal about skin skis.   A lot of this, I learned the hard way.  I have continued to make refinements as to the installation process.   In the off season, I suggest that you consider bringing or sending me your skin skis  so that I can I can make all the necessary improvements on your skis.  For some of these improvements I will not charge you.  If  you have any questions regarding your skin skis,  send me an email and we will go from there.

Costs:         $60      Stone Grinding (including heatbox)  for all skis including skin skis   

                   $20       Harden the bases of the skis

                   $75       Install skis

                   $30       Replace skins

                   $20       Wax skins

Shipping Costs: $10 per pair of skis   

The Return Cost for shipping a package of a minimum of 8 pairs of skis from anywhere in Canada,  up until October 15, 2018.

This package can be one large ski bag or small ski bags or boxes taped together.  I have access to very good shipping rates.  If you would like the return cost of the shipping to be $10 per pair of skis,  I would like to make the shipping arrangements.

Have a good summer,


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