Gatineau Nordique Sport

Stone Grinding & Skin Skis

Located adjacent to the Gatineau Park, in beautiful downtown Wakefield, Quebec


Monday: 11am – 5pm
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 11pm – 5pm
Thursday: 11am – 6 pm
Friday: 11 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 5pm
Sunday: closed


3 ch Gendron, Unit 2

Wakefield, Quebec

J0X 3G0



Stone Grinding for the Gatineau Loppet

Grind of your choice, saturate the bases, harden the bases with a hard green LF wax, scrape and polish the bases: 

COST: $100

I will apply a HF glide wax of the day for an extra $20.

Recommended grinds for the Loppet:

The best all-round grinds are the CJ2 for skate skis and XT2 for classic skis.  They work very well most of the time.
If the forecast ends up being correct, these will be the appropriate grinds.

Next week, I will pick up skis on Wednesday, Feb 13 from Euro-sports and the Cyclery, just after NOON time.

I will grind/wax these skis and have the skis back in the stores by Thursday, Feb. 14 at 4 pm.

If you prefer, you can bring your skis to my shop in Wakefield. This year, there are no retail booths at the CJEP. I believe they do not have use of the large gym.  As a result, I do not have access to a drop off location for skis. I am willing to grind and wax skis up until Saturday morning, but I can only do this for people who can pick their skis up at our workshop in Wakefield.

Good luck at the races,

Skin Ski Maintenance

On Saturday, December 15th myself and my production crew consisting of Adrian and Gwen Johannsen-Boss and Rebecca Boss made an updated video on maintenance of skin skis.
The new video was made with the intent of demonstrating a very simple, inexpensive way of maintaining skins that I feel will meet the needs and work well for the majority of people.
Merry Christmas,