Peltonen Skis

We have a very good selection of classic, skate and Junior Race skis.  All the classic skis that we have are waxable.  The classic skis can be used as waxable skis OR have skins installed on these skis.   If you need skis, there is a very good chance that we can find skis for you.  

Peltonen Skis 

Stone Grinding  for the Gatineau Loppet 2024

GNS will be grinding skis for the upcoming Gatineau Loppet.  We will be providing full waxing service for skis that we grind for the skate race.   If you are interested in having your skis stone ground OR stone ground and waxed for the skate races, please contact us.  On an individual basis, we will arrange when and where I will get your skis and when I will get your skis back to you. 

The skis that I grind and wax skis for the skate races on Sunday will be brought to the Gymnasium by 7 am Sunday at the Cyclery booth.


Star Waxes

We will be using the Star Next Liquids and the Star Next Glide waxes (solid) for the Loppet.  When the liquids are ironed in, brushed with a fine stainless steel brush and fleeced, the wax will last well beyond 50 km of skiing.

If you would like to buy some of the Star waxes, you can now find a product list and instructions on how to order the waxes on our website. We will ship you the waxes that you purchase.

Order Star Liquid waxes
Star Waxing Formula
Application of Star Liquids for Training (video)
Application of Star Liquids for Racing (video)

Montana Win the Race Silicone Compound

A  great number of skiers are using the Montana Win the Race with great success, particularly on skin skis.  
If you would like to purchase Montana Win the Race liquid you can view the products we sell and instructions for how to order them from us on our website.

Montana Win the Race
Application of Win the Race (video)

Back Country Skis

For the first time, we now have full-length skins that can be installed on skis of all lengths with a maximum width of 100 mm.

BC skis that have the ‘positrack grip’ have 4 good options:

 1.   For those who ski aggressively in rough terrain, leave the skis as they are.  
 2.   In new cold snow, apply about 3 layers of blue grip wax on the glide zones at the front and back of the skis.  Cork well.  You will have much better grip and the glide will be better than the glide with skins. This also allows you to ski in rough terrain that would damage the skins.
 3.   We can install skins, 55 cm in length in the wax pocket of the skis.  The skins are glued in place and therefore they are not removable.                        
 4.   Install full length clip on skins that can put on and taken off on demand.

Atomic Savor Grip Classic Skis

This year we are selling Atomic Savor 46 Grip and Atomic Savor 52  Grip classic skis.  The grip for these skis is provided by the scales in the bases of the skis.  These skis come with the  Prolink Classic binding.  The cost for the skis and the bindings is $249.  For those who prefer skins,  we pass the skis through the grinding machine to remove most of the scales and then install skins.  We charge  $50 to install skins on these skis. We have these skis in 4 different lengths.

For those skiers who are participating in the CSM or the Gatineau Loppet, good luck!

GNS staff