Stone Grinding | Nordic Blade Sharpening 

Stone Grinding for Gatineau Loppet 

The ski season is in full swing and with the Gatineau Loppet taking place Feb. 18-20.  GNS will be offering stone grinding services for the Loppet. We will grind skis on Tuesday, February 15th. Bring them to GNS anytime during our open hours, before 5pm on Monday, February 14th

For skiers in the Ottawa area, if you drop off your skis at Euro-sports before the store closes on Monday, February 14th, Michael Bennett will bring us the skis for grinding on Tuesday morning.  These skis will be ready for pick up at Euro-sports on Thursday, February 17, after 1pm.  

GNS will also grind skis on-demand on at least one more occasion leading up to the Gatineau Loppet races. Please send us an email if you would like your skis stone ground for the Gatineau Loppet race weekend. 

For those doing the races, good luck. 

Now Sharpening Nordic Blades! 

GNS is now offering nordic blade sharpening as part of our services. As a result of many years of sharpening and honing tools with high-quality diamond grit bench files, we have developed our method for sharpening nordic blades. Cost: $20 + taxes ($23) per pair.  

Please send us an email to make an appointment for sharpening at  (attention: Olivia). 

Thank you Creative Wheel’s Zeropoint Coaching for initiating Wayne on nordic blades this past holiday season. There’s no looking back now.   We are excited to add another “nordic” sport to the services we offer at Gatineau Nordique Sport! 

Happy and safe skiing and skating to all! 

Gatineau Nordique Sport 


***Always best to send an email, available by phone only during our open hours.***