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CJ0 – A versatile grind that works well in a variety of conditions from approximately -10°C to -20°C.

CJ2 – This grind works in a variety of conditions from approximately – 5°C to – 15°C.

MK3 – A new grind that is effective in snow temperatures just below zero to moderately wet snow conditions.

GL4 – This grind is a wet snow grind that is most effective in spring-like conditions.

QR1 – This grind runs very well in extremely dry, cold snow (-15º to -20º)

MK2 – Similar to the MK3 but with a little less structure, this grind works from approximately 0º C to -10º C.


Grind including the heatbox          $70

Harden the base (Star Polar)          $25



After stone grinding, the bases of the skis need to be saturated with a soft wax. Commonly, we put the skis in the heatbox using Star Hotbox wax. Alternatively, the bases of skis can saturated by using an iron and a soft wax (3 to 6 passes of the iron).  If you chose not to have the skis put in the heatbox, we will crayon in a soft wax on the base of the ski to protect the base.  The cost of the heatbox is included in the cost of the grind. 

Harden the Base

After the bases of the skis have be saturated with wax, for maximum performance the bases need to be hardened.  When done properly, the heat from the iron hardens or sears the surface layer of the base of the ski.  The core of ski is not damaged and the resulting structure from stone grinding is not affected or changed.

We will not harden the bases of skis unless the bases have been saturated with a soft wax.