Installation of Skins

When we install skins on skis that are to be used in a track, we start by testing the wax pocket of the skis. Taking into account the wax pocket and the technical ability of the skier, the skin is positioned in the appropriate place on the base of the ski.

For good technical skiers, using my ski testing apparatus, I test the wax pocket by putting pressure at different positions on the ski. By using a piece of mylar that I put under the ski, I carefully pull the mylar through the entire wax pocket. I am checking to see where the mylar is dragging. By using a cabinet scraper with a sharp edge, I carefully shave the hairs where the mylar is dragging. I continue to test and carefully shave off the hairs until there is no drag when pulling the mylar through the wax pocket. When done properly, it is same as what we aim for with waxable skis; that is, to have a wax pocket that will allow for excellent glide, grip and feel when double poling, doing diagonal stride and gliding on downhills in a track.

When the skins are in the shape and profile of the wax pocket for each individual ski, the glide zones are stone ground/waxed and the hairs waxed, I have good reason to believe that skin skis that have been prepared in this manner, in a track, in variable and wet conditions, can outperform well-waxed skis.

The cost for the installation of skins is $90.