Montana Win the Race Liquid Wax

Montana Win the Race liquid wax is a super hydrophobic liquid consisting of high molecular and silicone solution.  It can be applied on the bases of skis and on the hairs of the skins. It is applied by spraying or wiping the product onto the surface of the base or skin.  It does not require the use of heat and it does need to be brushed or scraped. The product is non- toxic, odourless, and ecologically friendly.

Win the Race works best in variable and wet conditions.  When applied on the skins, the hairs are fast, tend to stay clean and even in sticky snow and do not ice up.  This spring, when applied on a clean ski base, with a CH paraffin wax having been ironed in and brushed into the base of the skis, Win the Race tested as well as LF and HL paraffin liquids and block waxes.  

Montana Win the Race Liquid Wax, in variable and wet conditions is an excellent product that lends itself extremely well for training, kids skis, loppet races and races in which there is a ban on toxic and fluor products.