Best Time to have Skis Stone Ground for the Gatineau Loppet

For athletes who race competitively throughout the winter, most often they will have their racing skis ground in the late fall.

Most adults, who race and/or like to compete in the Gatineau Loppet, often the best time of year to have your skis ground is near the end of January. If a skier is going to use their skis in training, it is in your best interests to wait until we have good snow conditions. If you get your skis ground at this time of year, just before the Loppet, your skis will be in very good shape for the Loppet. Next winter, if you use your skis a lot, you may want to consider having the skis reground once again at the beginning of February. If the skis are still flat and in good shape, leave them alone and wait till the following winter before considering having the skis re-ground.

If you bring us skis, we will charge $80 for the grind and heatbox. We will charge an additional $10 to harden the bases of the skis. For those people who are part of a group, refer to the ‘Pricing List’ for group prices. If your club or group has already had skis ground this winter, the same group price will apply even if you bring us skis individually.

The bases of skis need to hardened after they have been stone ground in order to be fast. Furthermore, the bases are less susceptible to damage caused when using iron temperatures of even the mid range glide waxes. It is very important that the bases of skis are hardened properly.

If you would like to bring us your skis to be ground, please contact us. We are only 5 minutes from Chemin Old Chelsea. If you prefer to drop off your skis at one of the stores, we will be picking up the skis on Monday, Feb. 9 and returning the skis on Thursday, Feb. 12 at 5 pm.

Hope to hear from you.

Good Luck at the Loppet.

Gatineau Loppet Feb. 14 & 15,

We will be grinding skis for both the classic and skate races. We will grind and do race day waxing for the skate races. If there is need, we are prepared to grind skis on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ( Feb. 11 - 14 ). On Friday, Feb.14, I will be in the gym from 5pm to 8pm to collect skis to be ground. On Saturday morning, I will be in the gym from 7:30 am to 9 am to collect skis. If you prefer, you can bring us your skis to our work site as late as noon on Saturday ( 8 minute drive further up highway # 5 ).

For classic skis and skate skis, the cost for the grind, hotbox and hardening of the base will be $90.

For skate skis, the cost for the grind, hotbox, hardening of the base and race day waxing including a high fluor top coat will be $160.

If you are going to send or bring us skis, please contact us beforehand.

Created by Steffan Lloyd