Stone Grinding for Winter of 2017

For the remainder of the winter, I will grind skis on a weekly basis. When you drop off skis at GNS in Wakefield or at Euro-sports in Chelsea, I will charge $60 for the grind and heatbox treatment. After skis have been stone ground, the bases of the skis need to be hardened in order to be fast. I will charge $20 to harden the bases of the skis.

For the cost of $100, we also offer the Century Base Prep that includes stone grinding, heatbox treatment, hardening of the base and wax of the day.

If you drop off skis to be stone ground at Euro-sports in Old Chelsea, write your name and phone number on your skis. Send me an email to inform me that you have dropped off your skis. State your choice of grind and send me an email money transfer as payment for the stone grinding and waxing before you pick up your skis.

As a new service, GNS in Wakefield will be selling Peltonen and OneWay skis (race skis, touring skis and skin skis). When you purchase new skis at Euro-sports or at GNS in Wakefield, you can have these skis stone ground, heatbox treatment and bases hardened for a cost of $40. You will pay GNS for this service.

Skis that I have received by Tuesday will be ground, waxed and ready to go in Wakefield by 5 pm Thursday. The skis that I picked up at Euro-sports will be back at the store in Chelsea by noon time on Friday.

Created by Steffan Lloyd