A New Approach

Over the course of time, I have come to the conclusion that I can provide a better and more efficient service when I deal directly with each customer. As a result, commencing now, regardless of whether a customer sends, brings or drops off skis at one of the local stores, I will charge $80 for a grind and the heatbox treatment. Each customer will deal with and pay Gatineau Nordique Sport directly. In the menu bar there is a heading "Club/Group Pricing" that states other prices for grinding, waxing and ski testing. These prices will still apply with this new approach.

This last month, I have developed a simple linear grind for classic skis. This grind, called the CSM (Canadian Ski Marathon) grind, will work very well in the temperature range of approximately – 10 C' to - 20 C'. For the CSM grind, I will charge $60 for the grind and the heatbox. If you prefer, I can do the CSM grind while you wait for your skis.

Considering that the nature of this business is to work on demand, I need to know when someone is coming here to drop off or pick up skis. Please contact me beforehand.



Created by Steffan Lloyd