Winter of 2016/17

Recently, Euro-sports opened a retail store at 10 Scott Road in Old Chelsea. In the winter, I am going to be directly involved with this store. The location of the store in Old Chelsea is an ideal location for people to drop off and pick up skis for stone grinding. If a person drops off skis to be stone ground at Euro-sports in Old Chelsea or at GNS in Wakefield, the cost of the grind and the heatbox will be $60. There will be an additional charge of $15 to harden the base. When you drop off skis in Old Chelsea for stone grinding, you will need to pay the store.

Skis that I have received by Tuesday will be ground, waxed and ready to go by 5 pm Thursday. The skis that I picked up at Euro-sports will be back at the store in Chelsea by the time the store opens Friday morning.

For skis that are bought at Euro-sports, we are going to recommend that the skis be stone ground. The store will charge $40 for the grind, heatbox and hardening of the base. You will pay the store for the cost of grinding the new skis bought at Eurosports.

This winter for the first time, in conjunction with Euro-sports in Chelsea, I will be offering a service called the Century Base Prep. I will grind the skis, put in the heatbox, harden the base and apply a LF wax of the day for a cost of $100.

Created by Steffan Lloyd