If you are interested in having your skis stone ground or having skins installed on your classic skis, you can drop off your skis at GNS in Wakefield, at The Cyclery in Ottawa, or at Euro-sports in Ottawa. If you leave skis at Euro-sports or at The Cyclery, please write your name, phone number and whether you want the skis stone ground or have skins installed. Pleases clean your skis well before you drop-off your skis at one of the stores OR before you bring your skis to GNS in Wakefield. I will charge $10 to clean skis. After dropping off your skis, send an email to wayne_johannsen@hotmail.com to inform Wayne that your skis are at the store. After Wayne has picked up your skis, he will send you an email to confirm the cost of the work.

For the next 4 weeks ( Jan 21 to Feb. 17), I will grind skis each Wednesday. Skis that I have received by Noon on Wednesday, will be ground, waxed and ready to go by 4 pm on Thursday. Each Wednesday, I will pick up skis from Euro-sports and the Cyclery just after they open. These skis will be ground, waxed and returned to the stores by 4 PM on Thursday. You also have the option of picking up your skis in Wakefield after 4 PM on Thursday.