What is a Heat Box?

The term 'heatbox' evolved from the fact that the apparatus that the skis are put into is shaped like a box. The purpose of the heatbox is to provide a safe, regulated, heated environment in which the bases of the skis can become fully saturated with wax by slowly absorbing the wax.

This 'box' varies in size and in most cases the box is insulated to help prevent heat loss. Some heatboxes hold 1 or 2 pairs of skis, while others can hold up to 100 pairs of skis. Each heatbox has a source of heat, varying from a hair dryer to heat strips. Some heatboxes have fans to circulate the air. In most cases the temperature in the heatbox is regulated with a thermostat connected to temperature probe.

The heatbox that I use holds 100 pairs of skis. It is well insulated, firmly sealed and uses 2 Orion Axial fans connected to a rheostat to circulate the air throughout the heatbox. Four 1000 watt high density strip heaters are used to provide the heat for the heat box. A rectangular shaped piece of aluminum is fastened over the top of the strip heaters to help distribute the heat more evenly.

An electronic temperature controller connected to a thermocouple probe is used to regulate the temperature in the heatbox. The temperature control unit is accurate to plus or minus 2 °C. There are 4 other thermocouple probes situated in different places in the heatbox that can be connected to a hand held digital Oaktron thermometer. Periodically, the temperature is checked at these locations in the heat box. This allows me to ensure that the temperature maintained within the heatbox is stable and consistent throughout the entire duration of the heating process.

Created by Steffan Lloyd