Shipping Instructions

I have not stated a mailing/shipping address for a reason. I prefer to talk to you over the phone to discuss the work that you would like done to your skis. I need to know when your skis are being delivered to the shop. To initiate the process, please send an email to (preferred), or phone (1-819-483-1623)

  1. Clean your skis well (top, base and side walls). As best you can, make your skis look like new.
  2. Put a piece of masking tape on each ski well above the bindings. Write your name and grind on the masking tape.
  3. Tape the skis together using masking tape or elastic bands. Please do not use ski ties or duct tape. Duct tape leaves a residue that can only be removed by using cleaner.
  4. Using light pressure, squeeze the skis together (clamp) and wrap the bindings using stretch wrap. This step is optional but well worth doing.
  5. Tape the skis together into groups of 2 or 3. Fibreglass tape works best for this.
  6. Use bubble wrap or the equivalent (underlayment for laminate flooring) to protect the tips and tails of the skis.
  7. In order of preference with regards to ski protection, you can send your skis in a plastic ski box, cardboard box or in a ski bag. If you send skis in a ski bag, you would be well advised to wrap the entire length of the skis with bubble wrap or the equivalent. I have an account with Purolator and a very good rapport with them. If possible, could you send your skis by using Purolator.

Note: If you are intending on shipping a fair number of skis, presently or over a period of time, you would be well advised to purchase the materials listed above. All of the materials (masking tape, fibreglass tape, stretch wrap, bubble wrap) can be purchased at Staples for a cost of approximately $30.

Created by Steffan Lloyd