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Located adjacent to the Gatineau Park, in beautiful downtown Wakefield, Quebec

Skin Skis


The skins that we use to install on skis are manufactured by Montana, a large, well-established company located in Switzerland that makes a variety of products, including stone grinding and climbing skins for skis. 

Gatineau Nordique Sport (GNS) – March 2022 Update

Ordering Peltonen Skis

We have been working directly with Andy Shields, owner of Canadian Wintersports, in order to provide quality ski sales at Gatineau Nordique Sport. This summer, Andy will be travelling to the Peltonen factory in Finland to select skis. This is an excellent opportunity to order Peltonen skis that will be hand-picked for you! Starting now, we are accepting ski order requests for next year. Please send us an email to process a request, stating what Peltonen skis would like to order. We will follow up via a phone call to confirm your order details.

Considering the consequences of the pandemic and now with the situation in Ukraine, we have been informed by experts in the cross-country ski industry that the supply of skis will be even less than it has been recently. Therefore, if you have any intent in ordering quality skis for next winter, please contact us soon.


As the snow melts, we are preparing for our off-season. We are announcing that our store will remain closed from March 27th – May 31st. As of June 1st, we will re-open to offer our services by appointment only until mid-October. During this time, all inquiries will be processed by email.

Thank you for all your support during the winter 2021-22 season. We very much enjoyed providing our services to the Nordic ski community.

We wish you a happy and healthy Spring and Summer season!

Gatineau Nordique Sport


Gatineau Nordique Sport (GNS) – February 2022 Update

Stone Grinding | Nordic Blade Sharpening 

Stone Grinding for Gatineau Loppet 

The ski season is in full swing and with the Gatineau Loppet taking place Feb. 18-20.  GNS will be offering stone grinding services for the Loppet. We will grind skis on Tuesday, February 15th. Bring them to GNS anytime during our open hours, before 5pm on Monday, February 14th

For skiers in the Ottawa area, if you drop off your skis at Euro-sports before the store closes on Monday, February 14th, Michael Bennett will bring us the skis for grinding on Tuesday morning.  These skis will be ready for pick up at Euro-sports on Thursday, February 17, after 1pm.  

GNS will also grind skis on-demand on at least one more occasion leading up to the Gatineau Loppet races. Please send us an email if you would like your skis stone ground for the Gatineau Loppet race weekend. 

For those doing the races, good luck. 

Now Sharpening Nordic Blades! 

GNS is now offering nordic blade sharpening as part of our services. As a result of many years of sharpening and honing tools with high-quality diamond grit bench files, we have developed our method for sharpening nordic blades. Cost: $20 + taxes ($23) per pair.  

Please send us an email to make an appointment for sharpening at  (attention: Olivia). 

Thank you Creative Wheel’s Zeropoint Coaching for initiating Wayne on nordic blades this past holiday season. There’s no looking back now.   We are excited to add another “nordic” sport to the services we offer at Gatineau Nordique Sport! 

Happy and safe skiing and skating to all! 

Gatineau Nordique Sport 


***Always best to send an email, available by phone only during our open hours.*** 


December 2021 Update

In light of the current situation, we are choosing to remain closed for the holidays from Dec. 24 – Jan.2. We will return to our regular hours as of Monday, January 3. Leave us an email and we will get back to you after the holidays.

Happy holidays and skiing!
GNS Staff

Skin Skis and Stone Grinding Services – Gatineau Nordique Sport

Fall Update 2021

With regards to the current Covid-19 developments, as of Thursday, Dec. 2, we are going to implement changes as per how we serve our clients at GNS. We are taking a preventative approach, and will not wait for the provincial officials to tell us to make changes. 

We are now serving our clients mostly through appointments. To make an appointment, call us at 819-483-1623 during our open hours. If you are unable to reach us by telephone, send us an email at

  1. For those people who are coming in with the intent of buying skis, boots or other equipment, make an appointment.
  2. For our skin installation or replacement service, make an appointment.  If possible, clean the bases of the skis beforehand.  If the skis need cleaning, we will do so.  However,  you will be asked to wait outside or in your vehicle while we clean and test the skis.
  3. For our stone grinding service, no appointment is required to drop off or pick up skis.
  4. FIVE is the maximum number or people in the shop at one time.
  5. For people who have not had their second vaccination,  we will provide curbside service.
  6. In the shop, we will keep our interactions and conversations as concise as possible. As much as we enjoy sharing our passion of skis and skiing with our clients, we must minimize our contact at this point in time.

Hopefully, we will all enjoy the Christmas holidays and skiing this winter.         
GNS staff: Wayne Johannsen | Olivia Robinson | Dave Bradley | Michael Bennett

Winter Hours 2021/2022

I am now open with regular hours


Open for Reservations

Starting Monday, June 7,   I will be open for reservations.  Please send me an email if you would like to make an appointment.

Have a good summer.


As of April 1, I am closed until further notice.


HOURS March 19, 2021

Starting now until the early fall, I will be available with a reservation.  Please send an email to

Ski Equipment for the Winter of 2021/22

From what I have been told by people in the ski business, in all likelihood there will be a shortage of ski equipment for the next winter.  I have good reason to believe that this is correct.

If you are planning on skiing next winter, if you need equipment and know what equipment you want, I highly recommend that you order now, in March.  I have up until the end of March to order skis, poles, bindings and waxes.  I have already ordered a lot of ski boots. Considering what is going in the world presently, ordering now does not 100% guarantee that you will get what you order.  However, it will increase the likelihood that you will receive the equipment you want. 

If you would like to order skis, boots, poles, bindings or waxes from Gatineau Nordique Sport, send me an email as to what you would like. I will follow this up with a phone call to confirm what you want.  

For many people, including myself and my family, this has been a long and difficult winter.  Looking at the situation in Quebec and Canada with regards to Covid -19, I am very optimistic that next winter will not be a repeat of this past winter.  

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.  We have all earned it.


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3 ch Gendron, Unit 2

Wakefield, Quebec


GNS Hours of Operation


Monday with reservation
Tuesday 12pm-5pm
Wednesday with reservation
Thursday 12pm-5pm
Friday with reservation
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Sunday closed

Contact us to make a reservation!

Pricing 2018/2019

Stone Grinding

Grind including heatbox $65

Grinding including heatbox (10+ pairs) $60/pair

Hardening of the base $25

Peltonen skis that are sold as skin skis from GNS

Installation of skins $50

Waxing of skins $20

The Works’, install skins, wax the skins, grind and wax glides zones $100 

Skin Skis (customer’s skis)

Installation of skins $75

Waxing of skins $20

‘The Works,’ install skins, wax the skins, grind, and wax glide zones $125 

Stone Grind Menus

Skate Ski

Classic Ski

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Shipping Your Skis

We offer prime rates for shipping. Contact us for more information!

Drop-off Locations

GNS offers pick-up/drop-off at The Cyclery and Eurosports in Ottawa, ON