Peltonen Skis

Currently we have a very good selection of classic, skate and Junior Race skis. The classic skis can be selected as waxable skis or as skis in which we can install skins.  If you need skis, there is a very good chance that we can find skis for you.  

Peltonen Skis

Stone Grinding for the Gatineau Loppet

GNS will be grinding skis for the upcoming Gatineau Loppet.  We will be providing full waxing service for skis that we grind for the skate race.   Please get in touch with us if you are interested in having your skis stone ground and waxed for the loppet.

Heatbox and Hardening

Recently, with some advice, I wrote an article on Heatbox and the Hardening of the bases of skis. This article is on the website under the heading Stone Grinding.

Heatbox and Hardening the bases of skis.

Zandstra  Nordic Blades 

We now sell Zandstra Nordic Blades.  

Zandstra Nordic Blades 

We sharpen Nordic blades for a cost of 20$.

Star Waxes

We continue to be very pleased with the on-snow results of Star Waxes,  in particular the liquids. There are 2 videos on the website that provide very good information on using the Star liquids.

Application of Star Liquids for Training.

Application of Star Liquids for Racing.

Montana Win the Race Silicone Compound

As the name implies, Win the Race is a Silicone Compound and not wax.  Silicone and wax do not mix.  A lot of people who own a pair of skin skis that are their only pair of classic skis, apply Win the Race on the skins and on the glide zones when the temperature is about -4 C’ and above.  Some skiers, including myself, use liquid waxes on the glide zones in colder temperatures.  If you want to be able to go back and forth from using Win the Race and liquid waxes,  you will need to clean the skins and the bases.  In the spring when it warms up, I suggest that you use Win the Race on the glide zones and on the skins for the rest of the winter.

There is an updated video on the website on the application of Win the Race.

Maintenance of Skins

All-year log skin skis need to be kept inside at more or less room temperature.  If skins get wet and are left outside at night when the temperature goes below zero, the hairs of the skins may fall out.  If skin skis are left in a storage cabin during the summer in which the temperature can become very high,  the high heat can cause the skis to lift up. There is a video on the website that shows how to clean skins.

If the forecast is correct we should have very good snow conditions for the month of February and hopefully well into the month of March.  For those who ski the Canadian Ski Marathon and/or the Gatineau Loppet, Good Luck!