From what I have been told by people in the ski business, in all likelihood there will be a shortage of ski equipment for the next winter.  I have good reason to believe that this is correct.

If you are planning on skiing next winter, if you need equipment and know what equipment you want, I highly recommend that you order now, in March.  I have up until the end of March to order skis, poles, bindings and waxes.  I have already ordered a lot of ski boots. Considering what is going in the world presently, ordering now does not 100% guarantee that you will get what you order.  However, it will increase the likelihood that you will receive the equipment you want. 

If you would like to order skis, boots, poles, bindings or waxes from Gatineau Nordique Sport, send me an email as to what you would like. I will follow this up with a phone call to confirm what you want.  

For many people, including myself and my family, this has been a long and difficult winter.  Looking at the situation in Quebec and Canada with regards to Covid -19, I am very optimistic that next winter will not be a repeat of this past winter.  

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.  We have all earned it.