Over the course of the winter, I have made numerous changes to the methods and procedure I use to install skins (reheating the skins, filling in the grove at the front of the skin, waxing the skins, cleaning the skins and stone grinding skin skis).  For those who would like any of these modifications done to your skin skis, the next 2 months (May, June) would be an ideal time for me to do this work.  In conjunction with making upgrades to skin skis during this period of time, I will also be stone grinding and waxing skate, classic and skin skis.

You can bring/send skis to GNS in Wakefield or drop off your skis at Euro-sports in Ottawa.   For those people who need to ship skis to GNS, we can make the shipping arrangements.   The return cost for the shipping will be $10 per pair of skis for a package of a minimum of 8 pairs of skis.